Michael fights for a more efficient council

At one of the Town Council’s budget meetings, Cllr Stead tried to explain how it would be possible to make savings without cutting services.

The Labour Chairman cut him short, mid-sentence. Behaviour like this from Labour councillors is one of the reasons Labour only got 10% of the vote in the Town Council by-election. Residents are increasingly angry at Labour’s arrogance.

Cllr Stead comments, “All residents want are well run, efficient local councils.

“Even the very basic things are not being done to save money. The town council has, for example, a £20,000 water bill. There are options to bring this bill down – such as getting quotes from different companies which the council has been able to do for several years – just like the rest of us do with electricity and gas.”

Cllr Stead continues, “Even the ‘plush, bound’ diaries they give councillors cost more money than they need to – assuming you think we should have them at all!

“The council spent £141 on diaries for councillors instead of just ordering paper inserts!”

Cllr Stead has asked for an existing committee to be re-purposed to look at every line of the budget and decide if things need to be done and if they do need doing can they be done in a better way to save money.

Michael comments, “We need to make sure council tax doesn’t have to go up until there’s no other choice.

“Everywhere you look there are possible savings. We could cut the number of councillors down from 30. We should review the operation of all our facilities.

“Everything needs reviewing. This is the only way to save money and protect services.”

GATC Tax Freeze but County set for hike and unfairness

Lib Dem pressure secures council tax freeze on GATC

It seems that Cllr Michael Stead’s continued pressure for more than a year over the level of our council tax is paying off.

For over a year Michael has been campaigning for fairer council tax and a more efficient council.

Now it looks like Great Aycliffe Town Council is set to freeze council tax this year.

This will be the first time for many years that the Town Council hasn’t hiked the amount of money it takes from Newton Aycliffe taxpayers.

Cllr Stead comments, “I will support a freeze in the Town Council’s tax take from residents as it’s what I promised when I was elected. I’m happy my pressure is paying off.”


Labour Town and County Councillors have however all refused to back action to address Double Taxation.

Cllr Stead explains, “Labour councillors voted against Lib Dem proposals to review the unfair system. Our local Conservative Councillors didn’t attend the County Council meeting. We need local councillors who stand up for us.”

It now looks like the County Council is going to be given permission from the Conservative Government to hike their part of the Council Tax bill by 5%.


Cllr Stead says, “A 5% council tax hike could mean council tax rises of £100 for many local residents.

“At a time when people are struggling this is a kick in the teeth, not only from Labour but from the Tories too. The Government has failed to give councils the money they promised they would to deal with Covid.

“In addition, the Tories are making it easier for councils to increase council tax so they can blame local government when they are as much to blame this year.”

Loo-dicrous Labour council policy scrapped

Durham County Council have asked leisure centre staff to give access to toilets after Lib Dem intervention.

Michael got Labour-run council’s policy changed after elderly resident was refused access to council toilets.

A 78 year-old local resident with “waterworks” problems needed the toilet whilst out shopping. He popped in to the Labour-run council’s leisure facility and was refused toilet access.

Local councillor Michael Stead says, “When this resident contacted me I was shocked at this loo-dicrous decision. Years ago the Council got rid of our public toilets and pointed people to the leisure centre.

“To refuse someone elderly, with a health condition, permission to use the loo in an emergency was simply unacceptable.“

Michael contacted his Lib Dem county councillor colleagues, and after they intervened the Council’s Covid policy was scrapped.

Lib Dem Michael says, “I don’t think anyone can under-estimate just how uncomfortable it can be for anyone who suddenly gets caught short.

“I’m pleased the council has listened and applied some common sense.”

The elderly resident who was turned away was helped by a local shop manager on the high street who, following Covid rules allowed the resident to use their toilet.

Cllr Stead adds, “Sometimes it does feel a bit like the world has gone mad. All credit to the hero who helped out, using common sense and compassion.”

Fighting for Fairer Council tax in South Durham

In areas like Shildon, Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor, Liberal Democrat campaigners are leading the fight for fairer council tax. In many of these areas town councils provide the services provided in other parts of the County but residents are paying significantly more council tax for this.

Cllr Garry Huntington, who was elected on a massive swing from Labour in a by-election in Shildon comments, “It is completely unfair for Shildon residents to pay twice, once for services in Shildon and again for services elsewhere in the County. The playing field is not balanced.”

Cllr Michael Stead, who stood for election in Newton Aycliffe’s Woodham Ward last February on a campaign to secure changes comments, “Residents across Newton Aycliffe deserve better. Its simply not fair for Woodham residents to pay hundreds of pounds more than residents elsewhere in the County and still have to pay the same to the County Council.

Cllr Stead was elected with nearly 80% of the vote in the Woodham by-election in a Labour ward.

Labour-run Town Council printing 1000’s of pages for meetings

Labour-run Great Aycliffe Town council wasting money and damaging environment printing huge amounts of paperwork for meetings

Councillor Michael Stead asked for his council papers to be emailed to him to save on waste. Your Labour-run council continues to print and post out papers.

Every time there is a council meeting the Town Council posts out paperwork to councillors, wasting thousands of pounds each year on paper, printing and postage, when for most councillors a simple email would work.

Cllr Stead comments, “Perhaps there are a few councillors with computer issues, but when a councillor asks for papers to be emailed, surely the Council should do this.”

Michael adds, “What this shows is that Labour just don’t care about wasting taxpayers’ money.”

Cllr Stead has made numerous suggestions to cut waste so services can be protected and council tax kept down.

However rather than support his views they cut him off in the middle of speaking at a budget meeting.

Cllr Stead concludes, “It seems Labour councillors are only interested in Council control, not in saving money to protect services or keep money in residents’ pockets.”

Stead gets out the strimmer in Woodham

Michael, with Lib Dem colleagues cleared a large area of undergrowth removing bags of flytipping, then strimmed the area too

After local residents contacted Cllr Stead over a piece of waste land near the Huntsman Pub, Michael leapt into action.

First he contacted the County Council to ask for rotting rubbish to be cleared.

Then, when the Council said it couldn’t cut the grass and undergrowth, Michael, with colleagues, strimmed the area and filled up several more backs of rotting rubbish.

Cllr Stead comments, “Local residents asked for help but none had been given. I asked the County Council to clear up some of the rubbish, and said I would finish the job.

“The amount of flytipped junk was quite surprising, and it was clear it had been there for a very long time.”

If there is a particular area full of rubbish near you please let your Lib Dem team know and we will try and get the Council to clear it up or find another solution if they can’t or won’t.

Please park safely and help your disabled neighbours

With so many people working from home and so many of our estates
having little parking space, many pavements have become difficult to

Lib Dem councillor Michael Stead is asking everyone to spare a thought for

He comments, “Even before lockdown some people just didn’t seem to care that mums (and dads!) with buggies and disabled people really struggle when you block the pavement.

“And for children, having to walk in the road is simply unacceptable.
“Sadly some people seem to think it’s ok and block the pavement, as can be seen on Haslewood Road.

“Please help our more vulnerable residents and park nicely, it really helps.”

The Path to the Truth – Woodham lighting removal

A few years ago the streetlights on Burnhill Way were ripped out at significant cost by Labour-run Durham Council. They said a safety
report was carried out to prove it was ok to do so.

Cllr Michael Stead has analysed the report and found a catalogue of issues.
He said: “Having read the report I have submitted a formal complaint and
objection and asked for full reinstatement of the lighting along this road.”

• The report states that the path is 1.5m wide. It hasn’t been 1.5m wide
for over a decade.
• The report says visibility at crossing points is ‘not applicable’ even
though there is a crossing point.
• The report says no vegetation obscures sight-lines, but the paths are
clearly overgrown.

In addition to all this, no consideration has been given to the number of people using the path, which is significant. This wasn’t even in the criteria.

Cllr Stead adds, “I’ll report back on the progress of my complaint and continue to campaign to get back the street-lighting. I’m told the Council will start work to edge back the whole path soon – we look forward to seeing it.”

Lib Dem Woodham councillor gets the hump – fixed

Well before lockdown, residents raised concerns that markings on Haslewood Road in Woodham had disappeared.

This meant not being able to see the speed humps on the street. Michael put in a request for them to be repainted, and chased it up several times.

Councillor Stead says, “Then lockdown came along and I had to pause my requests as the council had more important things to deal with.”

“However when we came out of lockdown in the summer and other marking work going on I chased this up and am pleased to say the humps are now visible.
“If there is a problem on your street please let me know and I will try to get the Town or County Council to fix it if they are responsible.”