Stead gets out the strimmer in Woodham

Michael, with Lib Dem colleagues cleared a large area of undergrowth removing bags of flytipping, then strimmed the area too

After local residents contacted Cllr Stead over a piece of waste land near the Huntsman Pub, Michael leapt into action.

First he contacted the County Council to ask for rotting rubbish to be cleared.

Then, when the Council said it couldn’t cut the grass and undergrowth, Michael, with colleagues, strimmed the area and filled up several more backs of rotting rubbish.

Cllr Stead comments, “Local residents asked for help but none had been given. I asked the County Council to clear up some of the rubbish, and said I would finish the job.

“The amount of flytipped junk was quite surprising, and it was clear it had been there for a very long time.”

If there is a particular area full of rubbish near you please let your Lib Dem team know and we will try and get the Council to clear it up or find another solution if they can’t or won’t.

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