Shincliffe Village Play Park – Renovations complete

Durham South Lib Dem County Councillor David Stoker backed the community project to completely renovate Shincliffe Village Play Park.

The team, led by Peter Ferries, supported by Stephen and Julie Goodhart, and Paul Baker, raised the full amount needed, including a substantial contribution from Cllr David Stoker’s local neighbourhood budgets.

David said “I am delighted that both Shincliffe and High Shincliffe now have modern, exiting and safe parks.  These parks are encouraging children to be out in the fresh air, which is obviously good for both physical and mental health, particularly in these times when so many activities are restricted”

The park has been transformed with all new equipment, and to the high standard that was achieved with the play park at High Shincliffe. Local residents’ donations, charities and David’s neighbourhood budget all contributed to the scheme.

Speed down not up in the Shincliffe’s

Lib Dem councillor David Stoker in Shincliffe campaigning for speed limit reductions

Department of Transport statistics show that the most dangerous type of road are rural single lane roads.

Councillor David Stoker says, “Durham South has its fair share of roads like this. Sadly there have been 3 fatalities in the last two years, and two of these were on roads with 60 mph speed limits.

“It is high time we got some speed reductions. I am campaigning to improve accident black spots in our area, and here are the worst ones:

● The A177 from Bowburn to High Shincliffe.
● The A177 from Shincliffe Bank, through the village.
● Mill Lane / Shincliffe Lane, which is full of blind curves, and a speed limit of 60 mph, where there has been a recent fatality.
● South Road at the Crematorium entrance, which has a blind dip at either end. Bizarrely the speed limit increases from 30 mph to 40 mph despite the fact that drivers may not be able to see corteges turning into, or leaving the Crematorium.
● The junction near the Seven Stars, where Shincliffe High Street meets the A177 is also a nightmare especially for cars exiting to go up the bank, and even worse for pedestrians crossing the road.”