GATC Tax Freeze but County set for hike and unfairness

Lib Dem pressure secures council tax freeze on GATC

It seems that Cllr Michael Stead’s continued pressure for more than a year over the level of our council tax is paying off.

For over a year Michael has been campaigning for fairer council tax and a more efficient council.

Now it looks like Great Aycliffe Town Council is set to freeze council tax this year.

This will be the first time for many years that the Town Council hasn’t hiked the amount of money it takes from Newton Aycliffe taxpayers.

Cllr Stead comments, “I will support a freeze in the Town Council’s tax take from residents as it’s what I promised when I was elected. I’m happy my pressure is paying off.”


Labour Town and County Councillors have however all refused to back action to address Double Taxation.

Cllr Stead explains, “Labour councillors voted against Lib Dem proposals to review the unfair system. Our local Conservative Councillors didn’t attend the County Council meeting. We need local councillors who stand up for us.”

It now looks like the County Council is going to be given permission from the Conservative Government to hike their part of the Council Tax bill by 5%.


Cllr Stead says, “A 5% council tax hike could mean council tax rises of £100 for many local residents.

“At a time when people are struggling this is a kick in the teeth, not only from Labour but from the Tories too. The Government has failed to give councils the money they promised they would to deal with Covid.

“In addition, the Tories are making it easier for councils to increase council tax so they can blame local government when they are as much to blame this year.”

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