Labour-run Town Council printing 1000’s of pages for meetings

Labour-run Great Aycliffe Town council wasting money and damaging environment printing huge amounts of paperwork for meetings

Councillor Michael Stead asked for his council papers to be emailed to him to save on waste. Your Labour-run council continues to print and post out papers.

Every time there is a council meeting the Town Council posts out paperwork to councillors, wasting thousands of pounds each year on paper, printing and postage, when for most councillors a simple email would work.

Cllr Stead comments, “Perhaps there are a few councillors with computer issues, but when a councillor asks for papers to be emailed, surely the Council should do this.”

Michael adds, “What this shows is that Labour just don’t care about wasting taxpayers’ money.”

Cllr Stead has made numerous suggestions to cut waste so services can be protected and council tax kept down.

However rather than support his views they cut him off in the middle of speaking at a budget meeting.

Cllr Stead concludes, “It seems Labour councillors are only interested in Council control, not in saving money to protect services or keep money in residents’ pockets.”

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