The Path to the Truth – Woodham lighting removal

A few years ago the streetlights on Burnhill Way were ripped out at significant cost by Labour-run Durham Council. They said a safety
report was carried out to prove it was ok to do so.

Cllr Michael Stead has analysed the report and found a catalogue of issues.
He said: “Having read the report I have submitted a formal complaint and
objection and asked for full reinstatement of the lighting along this road.”

• The report states that the path is 1.5m wide. It hasn’t been 1.5m wide
for over a decade.
• The report says visibility at crossing points is ‘not applicable’ even
though there is a crossing point.
• The report says no vegetation obscures sight-lines, but the paths are
clearly overgrown.

In addition to all this, no consideration has been given to the number of people using the path, which is significant. This wasn’t even in the criteria.

Cllr Stead adds, “I’ll report back on the progress of my complaint and continue to campaign to get back the street-lighting. I’m told the Council will start work to edge back the whole path soon – we look forward to seeing it.”

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