Michael fights for a more efficient council

At one of the Town Council’s budget meetings, Cllr Stead tried to explain how it would be possible to make savings without cutting services.

The Labour Chairman cut him short, mid-sentence. Behaviour like this from Labour councillors is one of the reasons Labour only got 10% of the vote in the Town Council by-election. Residents are increasingly angry at Labour’s arrogance.

Cllr Stead comments, “All residents want are well run, efficient local councils.

“Even the very basic things are not being done to save money. The town council has, for example, a £20,000 water bill. There are options to bring this bill down – such as getting quotes from different companies which the council has been able to do for several years – just like the rest of us do with electricity and gas.”

Cllr Stead continues, “Even the ‘plush, bound’ diaries they give councillors cost more money than they need to – assuming you think we should have them at all!

“The council spent £141 on diaries for councillors instead of just ordering paper inserts!”

Cllr Stead has asked for an existing committee to be re-purposed to look at every line of the budget and decide if things need to be done and if they do need doing can they be done in a better way to save money.

Michael comments, “We need to make sure council tax doesn’t have to go up until there’s no other choice.

“Everywhere you look there are possible savings. We could cut the number of councillors down from 30. We should review the operation of all our facilities.

“Everything needs reviewing. This is the only way to save money and protect services.”

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