Lib Dems and local residents fight to save Kepier Woods

by Group Office on 20 September, 2019

Local Lib Dems are continuing their fight to protect our open spaces and environ-mental gems. The County Council’s plans to rip apart Kepier Woods have been resoundingly rejected by local residents. Whilst there is some support for a new road, the route proposed will lead to serious damage to the Wear Valley. Lib Dem parish […]

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Pro-business Belmont councillors help young entrepreneur

by Group Office on 18 September, 2019

Lib Dem Councillors Eric Mavin and Lesley Mavin (Belmont Division) are keen to make sure that their area has thriving businesses. With this in mind when a young entrepreneur approached them because there was a problem with the electricity supply to her new premises, Eric and Lesley intervened and soon had the supply reconnected. Shona’s […]

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Framwellgate Moor now has a wonderful newly resurfaced Multi-use games area which can be used for basketball, football and other sports. It now also has one of the few tennis courts across the area which can be used by the general public for free, or be hired at specific times for by coaches and clubs. […]

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Outdoor classroom for Trinity School Durham

by Group Office on 15 September, 2019

Your Lib Dem councillors in Framwellgate and Newton Hall have provided matched funding from local budgets to help Trinity School build an outdoor classroom. Cllr Mamie Simmons explains, “It is really important for children to have the opportunity to be outside and get fresh air and enjoy outdoor activities.” Mamie adds, “This is especially important […]

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New Steps in Belmont Division help disabled

by Group Office on 11 September, 2019

After local artist Peter Hemming raised concerns about access safety on one of our local paths local Lib Dem councillors Eric and Lesley Mavin intervened. Peter comments, “Thank you for your perseverance when it seemed the wall of bureaucracy appeared to be insurmountable, but now, after many emails, the work has been completed. “The pitch […]

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Help us win by donating now

by Group Office on 29 August, 2019

It costs a huge amount to run election campaigns. With your help we can win a parliamentary seat and elect even more County Councillors. You can donate in the following ways: Click on the links below to make a donation right now: Donate £5 a month Donate £10 a month Donate £20 a month Donate […]

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