Shincliffe Village Play Park

by Group Office on 1 October, 2019

Lib Dem Cllr David Stoker has been working with local residents to secure funding for the renewal and upgrade of Shincliffe Play Park

Durham South County Councillor David Stoker has been backing the community project to completely renovate Shincliffe Village Play Park.

The team, led by Peter Ferries, supported by Stephen and Julie Goodhart, and Paul Baker, has now raised the full amount needed.

David said “I have always had faith in the team, but hadn’t predicted they could raise the money so quickly from a small village, especially with the park expanding by 30%.”

The park will be transformed with all new equipment, and to the high standard that was achieved by the play park at High Shincliffe.

David adds “I am pleased to be able to add another £10,000 from my Neighbourhood Budget to help.”

It is hoped work will soon.

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