Labour’s climate change shame

Labour councillors have delayed making the Council carbon neutral to 2050. Lib Dem councillors voted for 2030 – the internationally recognised deadline to stop the climate emergency.

A few months ago Lib Dem councillors tried to make sure that Durham County Council would meet the challenge of Climate Change.
Sadly a Labour Party motion changed the deadline for the Council to meet climate change targets to 2050 from the 2030 being introduced across the Country by almost all other councils.

Durham Labour have let down our county and should be ashamed. Protesters at the end of the meeting made their feelings known very loudly. Lib Dems tabled an amendment to the motion seeking to change it back to the 2030 target.

Lib Dem group leader Amanda Hopgood comments, “Durham isn’t in a bubble unaffected by climate change. We don’t have static CO2.
“County Durham should be leading the way on this issue, just as Lib Dems did when getting the Council to scrap single-use plastics.”

Chairman of Central Durham Lib Dems, Edwin Simpson says, “Being carbon neutral can save money as we find new ways to do things, cut waste and make County Durham a better place to live and work in.”
Cllr Amanda Hopgood, parliamentary campaigner adds, “We have stunning countryside, wonderful communities and a World Heritage city.
“Across the whole of the County, much more could be done with more Liberal Democrat MP’s and councillors.”

Nationally and locally it is the Liberal Democrats leading the fight against climate change.

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