DLI Closure, clothing allowance, £50m HQ, £millions of waste, Labour’s undemocratic council

by Group Office on 23 September, 2019

Liberal Democrats are the official opposition to Labour in County Durham

Across County Durham people are joining the Lib Dems because they see us as the only opposition to an out of control local Labour Party. We are the official opposition party on Durham County Council, leading the fight against Labour.

Residents are signing up, helping deliver leaflets, and agreeing to stand for election in their area.

So many people are angry at the way Labour is running County Durham.
When Lib Dems uncovered a £12600 a year taxpayer-funded payment to the Labour chair and vice-chair for clothes it hit the national press. We got it scrapped.

When Labour shut the Durham Light Infantry Museum, Lib Dem councillors led the political fight-back alongside furious residents.
And Lib Dems have led the fight against a new £50 million taxpayer funded Council Palace.

You can now join the Lib Dems for just £1 a month. Visit www.libdems.org.uk

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